Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging, eh?

So, you want to know the latest and greatest at my house? You say you want updated pics of the baby (and maybe his parents, too)? Well, after some convincing from friends, I've decided to give this blogging thing a try. We can only hope that it will satisfy that "wanna know" itch and keep us all better connected. And it will make it easier for me to link to everyone else's blog so I can stay updated on the happenings with all of you.


David and Kate said...

We are so excited to get to see more pictures of your cute baby Jake. Glad to hear you guys are having lots of fun and getting a little bit of sleep. We love and miss you!

talonandanna said...

YAY! this is great! you will become an addict just like the rest of us. :) you're little boy is just adorable. CONGRATS again!

Holly said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blogging world! I love it! He is absolutely adorable. Isn't it amazing how different they look just even after a month. I can't beleive Bella is going to be 8 weeks!!! She is doing about 4 hours a night before waking up! I am sooo happy! Love you!!!